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 Mandatory Public Disclosure
Welcome to our Website
It gives me immense pleasure to bring our these first issue to School Almenac School Almenac is helpful to everyone managemetn, paremts,teachers, students.
The School Almenac works as a bridge between parents and School as through this parents can know about various activities of the school, their children’s progress, homework given to children and various useful information.
The last decade has been witness to tremendous developments in the educational arena, and it has been proved that traditional systems of providing education are insufficient in present era....
Aims of the Hacs
  • To cater to the needs  of the rural children as far as their education on sound lines is concerned.
  • To develop character and sense for appreciating higher values of life.
  • To provide opportunities to the children to show their best what is in them.
  • To develop artistic and scientific outlook in children to enable them to understand and appreciate life and their environments.
  • To inspire them to grow physically, mentally and morally in a harmonious way.
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